History & Biography




Michael Thomas is an American Drum & Bass producer and DJ who’s best known for his projects under the name Ragga Scum and most recently, Noize Komplaint. Getting his start in 1999, he grew a large following for his technique and unique ability behind the turntables which eventually garnished the attention of Congo Natty setting up the release of “The History of Ragga Jungle Volume 1: The Congo Natty Dynasty“. Michael later went on to creating his first top 20 Ragga Jungle tune together with long time production partner Direct Feed with their song ‘Another Champion’ in 2006.


Over the next few years, the releases began to rack up including his remixes of DJ Fresh‘s ‘Gold Dust’ and the Serial Killaz ‘Murder Ya Sound’. In 2010, he released one of his most popular tunes to date, ‘Dub Assassin’ on the New Zealand label Dubpride Recordings and in 2011 was the year ‘From The Dubplate EP’ hit stores worldwide with Direct Feed and remixes by DJ K and 6Blocc on Dub Chamber Recordings.


Most recently Michael has shifted his focus to his new project, Noize Komplaint, which consists of himself, Dave Hauser (Direct Feed) and Greg Oerlemans (We Bang). The group signed their first track ‘Rock Solid’ to Formation Records for the up-and-coming Formation USA (World of Drum & Bass) LP and the trio is also set to release ‘The History of Renegade Hardware 1996-2016’ mix for the mighty Renegade Hardware imprint. If that wasn’t enough, they have also been enlisted to join the Hardware family for the Hardware Weekender final show in London, UK in February and are also slated to play at the ‘World of Drum & Bass‘ tour in Miami for WMC, Austin for SXSW and in Las Vegas.